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Kingdom Hall Rebuild

Kingdom Hall RebuildGet a closer look at our Kingdom Hall rebuild project
A major refurbishment which needed to be rectified with the utmost urgency.

More photos of the original kingdom hall build
View the photographs of the original build of our Kingdom Hall.
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The big clean up and the last few days of the build
This week we see the finishing touches to the build and the start of dismantling the site.
More photographs to share with the kind permission of Mike Peak
Album Number 2 of Mikes photos of the build. Thank you so much for sharing these memories.
Thank you Mike for allowing us to share your photographic memories of the build. Your kindness is very much appreciated
Many willing volunteers come to help on the project
This gallery shows a little of the hard work by our catering and support teams.
Everyones still working hard the end is in sight
Take a look at the inside of our kingdom hall Work in progress


The Story Behind the Rebuild

You may have wondered why a rebuild and refurbishment was needed in our relatively new Kingdom Hall.

During the very cold, snowy winter of December 2010 our beautiful 20 year old kingdom hall suffered a burst water pipe in the ceiling which flowed unnoticed for at least two days. This caused extensive damage to the foyer area covering the floor with approx. 24 inches of water and brought down the internal ceilings, tiles, plasterboard and lighting, deeming it unfit to use. This would have been a major job to rectify in itself but after calling in the Regional Building Committee RBC3B we were informed that the hall was unsound and had other hidden problems of greater enormity than the water damage. They explained it was suffering from rising damp and dry rot on our wooden framed structure, which would require all the external walls to be pulled down, the bricks discarded and rebuilt externally. Inside we would have to replace all the damaged wooden structure and treat the remaining unaffected timbers for any spores still present.

This as I am sure you can image was a major refurbishment which needed to be rectified with the utmost urgency. So, with prayerful consideration and the approval of the governing body, plans were made to start our rebuild just 9 months after the initial problem occurred. This allowed time to have the logistics put in place, to calculate the cost, order materials and organise the volunteers needed to undertake this project and we can honestly say with Jehovah’s Blessing this has been accomplished.

Please enjoy viewing our gallery.