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Wedding Anniversary Card

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Wedding Anniversary Card

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Product Description

Selection of beautiful wedding anniversary cards with different greeting messages for Jehovah's Witnesses. The charming scriptural greeting words with lovely colourful roses will convey your message and will make the celebration more special. The couple will thank you for sharing this event and remembering the anniversary of their special day. Wedding cards Greeting messages include:

  • Love Never Fails 1 Cornthias 13:8
  • 1Cor 13:8 Love Meanings in Greek
  • Col 3:14 Love perfect bond - Anniversary Card
  • Diamonte Accents Card Happy Anniversary
  • He Fell in Love with her Genesis 24:67
  • And more...

The cards are gorgeous and large, being 150mm x150mm. N.B. The beautiful 'On Your Wedding Card' can be purchased with a matching frame, see the Card and Frame Duo.

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These cards are tasteful and sprouting bible verses to let one be aware that Jehovah gives advice and promises for all areas of our lives.
Total Reviews: 1