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Changes to the Theocratic Diary

We just wanted to let you know that the 2020 diary will no longer include the theocratic school schedule, however, all the other features remain the same. This is due to the changes to our midweek meeting.
We're excited to be delivering the diaries in December which is just around the corner.
>> 2020 Theocratic Pocket Calendar (full colour front cover)

Theocratic Pocket Calendar
Invaluable theocratic resources and features, smartly developed for Pioneers and Publishers.
Pre-order a single diary from this page: www.pioneer-service.co.uk/diay.
Pre-order sets of four diaries from this page: www.pioneer-service.co.uk/four-diaries.
The same quality and value as last year, except the ministry records are updated to help us plan and organise our service and ministry hours, and it will be featuring the new year text scripture on a new well-designed full colour cover.