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A New Watchtower Study Folder Has Arrived

The new vinyl folder is specially designed to keep your watchtower edition clean, crisp and neat.
>> Watchtower Study Folder (Light Weight and Compact)
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Watchtower Study Folders
It is well-designed from high quality vinyl material for a strong, wear and tear-resistant folder perfect for when you’re on the go. See Details
The inside clear pockets are convenient for holding all your inserts and notes making this folder practical and sensible for your active, everyday use.
You will love the stylish design, silky surface, simplicity, and the beautiful appearance which make this folder distinguishable and offer good value for money.
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The precisely pressed silver-tone corners add additional strength, extra definition and a touch of beauty to every vinyl colour of these folders.
Smartly designed in a dozen of attractive colours, there is one to suit your taste.
The folders are lightweight, dirt-resistant and are essential for anyone carrying or using the watchtower study copy.
>> Get yours today by clicking here.
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