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Ministry Pocket Hand Warmers

Ministry Hand Warmer

Ministry Pocket Hand Warmers

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Product Description

Small enough to fit in your pocket and will keep your hands warm while in the ministry during the cold days. Safe and easy to use, just light one end of the included slow burning rod and place it in the device. Full instructions enclosed on the packaging.

Product features:

The Pocket Hand Warmer is an excellent thoughtful gift for all who engage in the ministry during the cold winter months. You can optionally order extra fuel sticks from this page.


Thank you so much for the prompt response with my order. The Hand Warmers are an excellent product, useful & long lasting fuel sticks make it possible to pass around & warm everyone's hands at some point. I purchased 2, but 1 is sufficient with the warmth they put out. Thanks again for the great service. Sister Newby
Total Reviews: 1